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Registering on is easy and simple. Click on the button below, choose your duration and your payment method. After the payment is received, your SMOOZED account is immediately active and ready for use.

The intelligent caching system makes all data traffic as secure and lightning-fast as possible. The privacy is always in the foreground, therefore a VPN is provided.

In addition, great importance is attached to security, which is why every file that is downloaded is checked fully automatically for harmful viruses. If you are looking for first-hand information you can also visit directly.

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4 good reasons to choose Smoozed

SMOOZED Hoster is cheap.

The annual account costs as little as 39.99 EUR. Even 1 regular VPN access is more expensive than the entire SMOOZED offer.

Security and privacy are important

VPN protects your privacy and prevents your ISP from monitoring you and your Internet activity or restricting the services you use.

No more barriers.

With SMOOZED you not only get a VPN access, but also the self developed caching system. You avoid the waiting times and speed limits for freely accessible offers on the Internet.

Plug & Play

One-time setup is sufficient to use SMOOZED immediately.


The pricing structure is simple and we recommend to buy the 1 year account. The price-performance ratio is simply unbeatable!

1 Monat6 Monate12 Monate


The following file hosters are provided by Smoozed Premium Account for direct download.


*Individual services may fail in good time.

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Important: Administrator rights

Smoozed Hoster Premium Account also offers a VPN service, with which the complete surfing behavior on the Internet can be made secure. If you surf the Internet via a VPN server, you can be sure that no one can trace the surfing behavior and habits on the Internet. More and more people are deciding to take this step. The good thing about it? The service is already included in the subscription!

To set up the Virtual Private Network on your computer

  1. Download the latest version of OpenVPN here (
  2. Start the installation process.
  3. For everything to work well, use at least the preset components. Others can be installed as required.
  4. Download the.ovpn file in your Smoozed account.
  5. Move it to the \config\ folder in \OpenVPN\. Usually the path is located under C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\
  6. Start the OpenVPN GUI as administrator, go to “Properties” -> “Compatibility”. Then activate “Run program as administrator”. Confirm the whole with a click on “Apply”.
  7. Start “OpenVPN GUI”. Right-click the menu, select the icon that appears in the task bar and select “Connect”.
  8. Enter your SMOOZED login data and confirm with “OK”. After a few seconds the icon appears in the taskbar you are connected.

From now on, all outgoing connections to the Internet are anonymous and encrypted.



In order to avoid waiting times and speed limits for freely accessible offers on the Internet, you need the SMOOZED ADDON for your browser.

The addon automatically switches between downloads on the various hosting platforms and routes the downloads via the multihoster service. The interface has 3 options and can be switched off and on in the browser bar.

Of course you can also use the JDownloader for your downloads. You also have the possibility to enter your download links in the SMOOZED Downloader. This is a bit cumbersome, so we advise you to use the methods mentioned above.

Affiliate Program

Smoozed Premium Account also offers an affiliate program. Here new users can be recruited by means of recommendation link. If a new customer registers via this link, the user receives 40% of the value of the sale. Any further sales of the same user will be reimbursed with 30% over the term. Below is an excerpt of the frequently asked questions from the login area.

When do the payments take place?

Our goal is always to pay out within 24 hours of your application and we will do everything we can to meet this time limit.

Which payment methods are remunerated?

You are probably used by many hosters to paying only for certain payment methods. Not us! We work fairly. No matter with which payment gateway your customer pays. You get your share – ALWAYS.

What are unconfirmed sales?

We work fairly and pay you out every sale – no matter what means of payment your customer has paid with. This way we can guarantee you the maximum profit. However, we can only guarantee this by marking your sale as “confirmed” after receipt of payment. Depending on the payment gateway, this can take up to 2 weeks.

What payment methods do you offer me?

Currently we can offer you the following payment methods: Bitcoin, Bank, Webmoney. Others are planned

How high is my remuneration?

As soon as you win a customer for SMOOZED Premium Account you get 40% of the first sale – for ALL follow-up orders from your customer you get 30% – for life.

That’s not all. As long as the file from your link you encrypt is in smoozed’s cache, you will receive a high PPD fee. If it is not in the cache, you will receive a quite low PPV fee. However, you can influence this yourself. In the next point, we’ll explain it to you in detail.

How can I further increase my profit?

Increasingly, we have the problem that we can’t get to the source of your upload ourselves – since many hosters make it quite difficult for us to access the file.

Hence the tip: always make sure that you give us as many mirrors as possible -> best is to give us an mirror. This way you always get the highest PPD compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMOOZED?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider and at the same time a revolutionary caching system.

How does SMOOZED work?

This depends on your operating system and device, you have different connection methods and VPN protocols at your disposal, further information can be found in our How To. You also have the possibility to download from several different sites via a jDownloader 2 plug-in as well as directly from our site. Nothing more stands in the way of your download pleasure. Or use our Chrome or Firefox plugin.

A particular service has no function, what can I do?

Unfortunately, problems may occur from time to time, please contact our support team directly and let them know about the service and the non-functional link. We will then work on the availability of the service as soon as possible.

How much traffic do I have?

The VPN usage is not limited, in addition you will receive a daily traffic contingent of 50 GB for download. Depending on the hoster you have different amounts of traffic available.

I have purchased runtime, but it has not been credited to my account.

We apologize for the inconvenience, please log into your account again. If you are still short of time, please create a ticket with information about your payment (Transactions ID), we will then assign your payment as soon as possible and upgrade your account.

Do you use a subscription system?

No, all payments are one-time! There is no automatic renewal or debit, you decide yourself when you want to use our service!

How are my links stored in the dashboard?

Your link list in the dashboard will be saved in your browser for 3 days. This way you have the possibility to start incorrect downloads again, even if you have closed the website in the meantime. Click on “Clear download list” to permanently remove all links.

Do you support Synology?

You can download the Hosts file here.


The Smoozed service is operated by the company


Gerliswilstrasse 74

6020 Emmenbrücke, Emmen


The managing director of the company is Seyid Dogan.


Tel: +41445861117

Customer support is available in German and English at at any time.

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